The Most Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of getting older, but the real problem starts when these signs of aging start to appear prematurely. From having our eyes constantly riveted to our mobile or laptop screens to our erratic sleep schedules and lifestyle choices, all put tremendous pressure on our delicate peepers leading to problems like dark circles, puffiness and under-eye wrinkles.

But with the right precautions, lifestyle changes, clinical treatments and skincare routines, you can definitely deal with this problem effectively. To help you understand better, we spoke to celebrity dermatologist and skin specialist, Dr. Soma Sarkar about everything from what causes under eye wrinkles to some simple everyday tips and tricks, to deal with under eye wrinkles effectively. By simply following the tips mentioned here, preventing and eliminating under eye wrinkles won’t pose such a big problem again.

– Ageing

This is an absolute no-brainer. As you age, your skin loses its natural elasticity and collagen production, leading to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Soma Sarkar explains, “One first starts noticing wrinkles from the late 20s to early ’30s. There are 2 types of wrinkles – static and dynamic. The latter is seen early due to extensive muscle activity like squinting, frowning, smiling and raising eyebrows all the time. The skin around the eyes is very thin compared to the rest of the face so the changes are seen early under the eyes. Static lines are noticeable while the face is resting.” This leads to under eye wrinkles and crow’s feet.

– Smoking

Another common cause of undereye wrinkles has to be smoking. The reason behind this is the oxidative stress on the cells and the blood flow is constricted and so the supply of nutrients to the under eye area is less. This causes the lines and wrinkles to show up prematurely.”Regular squinting action while looking at things leads to wrinkles under the eyes. Additionally, nicotine is considered to be a major contributor to decreased natural collagen production, which further accelerates the signs of ageing.

– Sun damage

Unprotected exposure to the harmful rays of the sun is a major contributor to premature ageing. This is because UV rays affect the natural collagen levels in your skin by breaking them down. This causes the skin around your eyes to sag a lot faster than the rest of your body, making it appear leathery and wrinkled.

– Wrong sleeping habits

If you are someone who has the habit of always sleeping on your stomach, then, believe it or not, this could be why you’ve developed under eye wrinkles. Sleeping on your stomach leads to the accumulation of fluids in your under eye area, making them look puffy. Secondly, the constant friction between your pillow covers and skin leads to the crinkling of the skin. This accelerates the development of wrinkles.

– Unhealthy diet

Consuming large amounts of refined sugar and salt is another major cause of under eye wrinkles. “Having foods with a high glycemic index, salt intake and a lower water intake, can all cumulatively cause the appearance of premature lines and wrinkles around the eyes”, says Dr. Sarkar. This is because sugar breaks down the collagen in your skin, and makes it susceptible to environmental aggressors, which leads to ageing. Secondly, a diet that is rich in salt leads to water retention in your under eye area and also leads to wrinkles.

– Facial expressions

If you have the habit of squinting when looking at a screen, or need to squint your eyes to read or look at faraway objects, then this could be the reason behind the development of wrinkles. With age, your skin loses its elasticity and ability to spring back in place, leading to visible lines and wrinkles.

– Rubbing your eyes

A lot of us have the habit of vigorously rubbing our eyes several times a day, especially when we are tired and also upon waking up in the morning. If you are one of them, then please stop. Dr. Soma tells you why, “Extensive rubbing causes a lot of irritation around the eyes, especially in atopic and allergic conditions. This leads to the area becoming dry and scaly, which sometimes gives rise to lines and wrinkles” Additionally, the skin around your eyes is really thin and delicate, and putting pressure on it can stretch it out. Constantly doing this over and over again leads to the development of wrinkles over time.