Challenge your thoughts

One approach to dealing with intrusive negative thoughts is to use information to challenge them. When we’re awake at night, tired and frustrated, our thoughts can be exaggerated by emotions. The key is to remember our thoughts and beliefs are just that – beliefs. If we can calmly stand back from them and look at […]

Take a mindful approach

An approach that many people find productive is to step back from their negative thoughts and just accept them. This awareness, so that you can take a ‘helicopter view’ of your thinking, is called mindfulness. It allows you to remove yourself from the emotional struggle involved in such thinking and simply let your thoughts go. […]

The thought locker

When we’re tired and frustrated we’re in far from the best state to solve problems that are bothering us. Yet at night is the time when worries can rear their ugly heads and demand our attention. In times such as this a useful technique is put these thoughts and worries in a safe place to […]