Be more honest

This might sound unbelievable, but scientific studies have shown that people are more likely to tell lies in the afternoon. Thanks to the ‘morning morality effect’, you are more honest when you wake up, but your morals slip as the day goes on. Statistics show that people are 20-50% more likely to be dishonest in […]

Control your cravings

Sleeping better makes it easier to stick to your diet and eat healthily. Research has shown that if you sleep well, it’s easier to resist junk food and snacks, giving you another good reason to get a decent night’s rest. Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, discovered that if you’re sleep-deprived, your brain gets […]

Boost your creativity

Have you ever woken up with the solution to a problem that seemed impossible the night before? You’re not alone, because some of the most creative ideas came to people in their sleep: • Paul McCartney dreamed the entire melody to Yesterday. • The periodic table came to chemist Dmitry Mendeleyev during a nap. • […]