Prepare your runway

If you’re flying in for an important meeting or event, prioritize sleep when you’re booking your flight times: • avoid skimping on sleep to be at the airport at dawn; • if you usually struggle to sleep on a flight, avoid flying overnight; • if possible, arrive at your destination in time for a full […]

Flying high: on the day of travel

• Take an on-flight bag with a few creature comforts…an eyemask, earplugs, moisturizer, lip balm, socks, spare clothes, chewy sweets for equalizing ear pressure and noise cancelling headphones can all come in handy. • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and shoes you can easily remove. • You’ll be able to relax more if you’re not […]

Destination daylight: on arrival

Follow the sleep-wake and meal times of your local destination, as far as possible. Sunlight acts as a strong stimulant to promote alertness, while darkness switches on melatonin, the body’s pro-sleep hormone. • After a westward flight, stay awake while it’s daylight and only try to sleep when it gets dark. • After an eastward […]

The science of jet lag

Activity in every cell in our bodies follows a daily 24 hour rhythm or circadian cycle, which is governed by a master ‘body clock’ in the brain. This clock regulates our patterns of sleep, eating, alertness, body temperature, growth and many other biological functions. The body clock adjusts our daily cycles based on external cues, […]