Make time for sleep

Many of us who wish we had better sleep can take a single, simple step to move closer to our goal: make time for sleep. When it comes to sleep many of us fall into a pattern of “boom and bust” – squeezing sleep in around other commitments during the working week, then trying to […]

Reserve your bedroom for sleep

As the name suggests, our bedrooms are intended to be places of rest and relaxation. But in recent times they have been invaded by a variety of disruptive influences – mobile phones, tablets and laptops. These devices upset our sleep in two main ways. First, their screens produce a lot of “blue light” (visible light […]

Energize yourself at the right times

What we eat, drink and do can have a huge impact on the quality and pattern of our sleep – and not just in the time before bed. Think of your sleep as just one component in your 24 hour cycle of wake and rest; to get the most out of it you need to […]

Define your sleep window

Habit is a powerful thing – especially when it comes to sleep. The best evidence suggests that having a stable, consistent sleep schedule – going to bed each night and getting up each morning at the same time – is effective at producing satisfying, efficient sleep. The first step is to figure out how long […]

Build a wind down routine

In order to prepare our bodies and brains for sleep we need to give ourselves time before bed to unwind and relax. Too often we’re rushing around or checking emails right up until we collapse into bed, keeping ourselves energized and alert…so it should be no surprise if we find it difficult to get to […]

Get up if you cant sleep

Despite the best planning in the world, sometimes sleep just won’t come. Or you find yourself suddenly awake in the middle of the night, staring at the ceiling. At times like this, when you’re awake for more than about quarter of an hour, the best thing you can do is get up and out of […]

How to get a good nights sleep

“I’ve got no problem falling asleep, and I stay asleep right through the night…it’s just that, when I wake up, I don’t feel refreshed! I just can’t get a good night’s sleep.” Does that sound familiar? A surprisingly high number of people have what would be classed as ‘normal’ sleep patterns, but nonetheless wake up […]

Staying asleep during the night

“How can I stay asleep through the night?” For many people suffering poor sleep, it isn’t going to bed and getting to sleep which proves to be problematic but staying asleep during the night. There are plenty of people who drift off happily and easily at the beginning of the night only to find themselves, eyes […]

How to get to sleep fast

Many people find themselves struggling to get to sleep fast, and there are certain populations who may be more likely to experience trouble getting to sleep: the older population and menopausal women, for example. In milder cases, not being able to get to sleep fast can be a temporary or a one-off occurrence, triggered by a […]

What to do when you cant sleep

Whilst some lucky people are struck by inspiration during the night, you may well find yourself at a loss for things to do when you can’t sleep. With frustration setting in very quickly at these times it is a good idea to have a plan in place if you do wake during the night. This […]