Anjeer Benefits For Face Skin That You Didnt Know About

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, nature doesn’t fail to surprise us. Each fruit and vegetable is crammed with goodness that is beneficial to the body in one way or another. Take figs for instance, a member of the mulberry family, this fruit is full of healing properties. Figs or anjeer benefits can be derived by consuming this fruit both in the fresh and dried form. Did you know figs come in white, red, purple, green, yellow and even black colours? They are a rich source of fiber and other essential nutrients such as calcium, manganese, copper, potassium and vitamin K and B6.

Some researchers have concluded that the nutritional value of dried figs is far more than that of fresh ones! So, if you can’t get your hands on fresh anjeer, buy dried ones and eat them with your handful of nuts everyday to get all the amazing benefits of figs. Both forms are rich in antioxidants, making this fruit one of the best foods to consume for healthy skin, hair and body. To help you understand the nutritional value of figs better, eating dried figs is as good as eating one whole egg! That’s right, here are all anjeer benefits explained in detail.

  • Rejuvenates skin

Whether you prefer eating figs or applying them on your face in the form of a mask, this antioxidant-rich fruit is sure to make your skin feel smooth and rejuvenated. The presence of vitamin C in figs also makes your skin glow.

  • Prevents wrinkles

The nutrients and vitamins found in figs help balance sebum production, skin melanin, prevent epidermal water loss and more. This increases hydration and keeps the skin free from wrinkles and premature aging. When applied topically, figs can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by promoting collagen production.

  • Evens out skin tone 

Another benefit of eating figs is that they contain a high amount of vitamin C that helps lighten sun spots, scars and hyperpigmentation, leading to bright and even-toned skin. If dull and uneven skin is a skin issue you are dealing with, try eating this fruit on the regular.

  • Cures boils and warts 

The latex found in fig trees has anti-wart properties. The topical application of figs on boils and warts can bring down the inflammation associated with it and accelerate the healing process.

  • Fig and honey face mask

Honey is a humectant which means it locks moisture into the skin, a natural moisturiser when applied in combination with figs it improves skin texture.

You will need:

  • 3 small figs
  • 2 teaspoons honey

Blend the figs in a blender to get a smooth paste, transfer to a clean bowl and add honey mix well. Apply this creamy paste all over face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Let it stay for 20 minutes then wash off.